1972 - 1974

‘DAF Produktie Sint-Truiden N.V.’ is formed as a subsidiary of DAF passenger vehicles. The company immediately makes history with its automatic gearbox Variomatic. The ‘clever gear stick’ was a continuous variable transmission system (CVT) for rear-wheel drive based on two rubber belts.

1975 - 1997

Volvo acquires DAF passenger vehicles. In the following years, Volvo builds a new CVT  factory and the Swedish car manufacturer starts up the R&D Department. The first CVT transmissions with metal pushbelt for front-wheel drive roll off the line. Volvo, Fiat, Ford and MG-Rover equip various models with it. In the early 1990s the company is split off from Volvo.

1998 - 2005

ZF Getriebe takes over the CVT factory. BMW selects the CVT transmissions from Sint-Truiden (Belgium) for its first MINI. During the ZF period, the foundations were laid for the present-day - and further developed - quality processes and design methods with quality gates. The first steps are taken on the Chinese car market.

2006 - 2008

Acquisition of the CVT transmission activities by Punch International. Under the name Punch Powertrain, the reputation of our CVTs grows in China and they appear in cars of the South Korean brands Hyundai and Kia Motors. New technologies such as hybrid and electric powertrains are successfully further developed. In 2008, the first Chinese factory opens in Nanjing.

2009 - 2010

The Limburg investment company ‘LRM’, the regional investment company for Flanders ‘Gimv’ and ‘Capricorn Ventures’ become shareholders, thus strengthening Punch Powertrain’s future prospects.

2013 - 2015

After several years of working together, the Dutch-based Drive Train Innovations (DTI) is integrated into Punch Powertrain. This gives the company a site in Eindhoven, the R&D Department is significantly expanded, and IP undergoes substantial growth.

Meanwhile, Punch Powertrain delivers to most of the Chinese OEMs. Thanks to this success, the Chinese New Horizon becomes a shareholder.


On August 31st, the Yinyi Group acquired 100% of the shares of Punch Powertrain from its previous shareholders LRM, Gimv, Capricorn and New Horizon. In Yinyi Group we found the right partner to support  our ambition to further grow and expand internationally and continue to develop new cutting-edge technologies. Since 2015 plant capacity jumped from 300,000 to over a million units per year, both in Belgium and in China.


On July 1st the German company TEG – located in Flechtorf – was acquired. This fusion broadens the presence of Punch Powertrain on the market with a German office and introduces new customers for both engineering services and series production. Additionally the influx of new employees results in a substantial growth of the R&D department.  


On January 22th, Punch Powertrain has acquired the French company Apojee – a Power Electronics expert with customers in the German and French Automotive industry and in motorsports.
This contributes to achieving the strategic objective of Punch Powertrain to accelerate EV development and strengthens its position in the field of electric and hybrid transmissions.

On May 18th, Punch Powertrain has signed a joint venture agreementwith XPT – a company that operates under the car manufacturer NIO and focuses on electric propulsion platforms. The agreement entails the establishment of a new plant at Punch Powertrain Nanjing that will yearly manufacture hundreds of thousands of Electric Drive Systems starting from 2019.

 Punch Powertrain develops into a brand-independent, stable and vigorously-growing international player in innovative powertrain technologies.