09 Dec 2019
09 Dec 2019

CTI Symposium Berlin – Automotive Drivetrains, Intelligent, Electrified

Berlin, Germany

Punch Powertrain will be present at the 18th International CTI Symposium in Germany with a stand and will hold a presentation on the topic of Smart 48V DCTs, titled: “Smart 48V DCT solutions for new CO2 targets and moving customer preferences”.  

During this presentation a Punch Powertrain expert will treat the subjects:

  • P2 hybrid DCT
  • 250 to 420 Nm torque range
  • Conventional, 48V and (P)HEV in same design

The subjects will be illustrated, based on a product innovation of the company: the DT2.

On our stand, we will display our flagship technologies with a focus on hybrid and electric vehicles:

  • EP1 represents our integrated electric propulsion system, available in a variant for passenger and commercial vehicles.
  • DT1 redefines the concept of DCT with its unique single lay shaft design for FWD. This light weight innovation has robust independent cooling of wet clutches and features 7 speeds, 4 gear pairs and 1 shift drum. Just as the VT5, the DT1 is available for 48V applications.
  • DT2 is an innovative automatic gear box based on a new and patented dual clutch principle that combines high efficiency with compactness. Punch Powertrain’s Dual Clutch Transmissions are developed for a wide range of passenger car applications and are available in conventional, 48V and PHEV variants.

 Punch Powertrain yearly participates in all 3 CTI Symposia (USA, China and Germany), at which you can visit our stand.