13 Aug 2020
13 Aug 2020

TMC – 12th TM Symposium China ICE, (P)Hev and EV Transmission and Drives

Shanghai, China

Punch Powertrain will be present at TMC 2020 with a stand and will hold a presentation titled: “Hybrid CVT Architectures for Transmission-Integrated Powertrain Electrification”.  

During this presentation a Punch Powertrain expert will treat the subjects:

  • New generation CVT as compact, cost-efficient solution, suitable for various levels of hybridization
  • CVT with P2 architecture with 48V electric motor can be integrated in the transmission for maximum functionality in MHEV
  • DH-CVT with P3 architecture and high voltage electric motor as efficient solution for HEV and PHEV applications

On our stand we will display our latest powertrain solutions, focusing on the move towards electric powertrains and our hybrid options (both 48V and PHEV):

  • DT2 is a new ‘Native Hybrid’ DCT concept by Punch Powertrain. It was developed as a 48V hybrid first and can be converted into a conventional or a (P)HEV variant with minimal effort, allowing OEMs to constantly adjust their fleet hybridization mix. In contrast to the DHT, the native hybrid DCT remains fully functional as a conventional DCT, when the e-motor is removed.
  • PX1 is a next generation of VT3, extended with new functionalities, that meet the needs of the evolving market.
  • ET2 is a single speed EV gearbox by Punch Powertrain, designed for flexible integration with various e-motors. The standard designs are available for electric motor power of 100 and 160 kW and a gear ratio around 1:10.