08 Jul 2021
08 Jul 2021

TMC – 13th TM Symposium China ICE, (P)Hev and EV Transmission and Drives

Shanghai, China

Punch Powertrain will be present at TMC 2021 with a stand and will hold a presentation titled: “A new 70kW to 350kW scalable e-drive platform”. 

During this presentation a Punch Powertrain expert will treat the subjects:

  • Compact, cost-effective and efficient coaxial e-drive unit

  • Hybrid Synchronous Reluctance e-Machine

  • Modular inverter agnostic for power switch technology

On our stand we will display our latest powertrain solutions, focusing on the move towards electric powertrains and our hybrid options (both 48V and PHEV):

  • DT1 redefines the DCT concept with its unique design for FWD. By applying a new kind of planetary clutch pack, the automatic gearbox shifts continuously between 7 gears by means of 4 gear pairs. This means that only 1 side shaft is needed.
  • DT2 is a new ‘Native Hybrid’ DCT concept by Punch Powertrain. It was developed as a 48V hybrid first and can be converted into a conventional or a (P)HEV variant with minimal effort, allowing OEMs to constantly adjust their fleet hybridization mix. In contrast to the DHT, the native hybrid DCT remains fully functional as a conventional DCT, when the e-motor is removed.
  • EP3 is a next generation of 3-in-1 electric drive integrating a gear box with an e-machine and power electronics. The unit is capable of delivering 150 kW of peak power an runs at a maximum voltage of 450 V.