15 Mar 2017
15 Mar 2017

Junior Electric Single Seater: world premiere on EEVC, Geneva

While traditional motorsport has matured into various categories, the electric motorsport is only represented by one and has yet to develop other category equivalents, as for example “Formula 3”.

New class of electric racing

A consortium existing of Punch Powertrain, Dallara, Prospeed Engineering, ACT and HERONsports have taken a leap in this direction with their joint development. The vehicle is proposed for a new class of electric racing and is premiering at EEVC, Geneva. The vehicle offers an affordable Junior Electric Single Seater (target Price of 80.000 Euro) to racing schools and promotors of support races. As it complies with environmental and noise-regulations, it will greatly extend track practice time for any team.


The vehicle  is based on the well-known and proven Dallara lightweight carbon fibre monocoque chassis.  A compact integration of battery and drivetrain, developed by Punch Powertrain, combined with the existing chassis results in a cost effective overall package.

 Specification for rolling demo 

The electric motor in this vehicle is a unique integrated concept with a switched reluctance machineoperating at 660V. The current version delivers up to 120kW while next versions could deliver over 200kW within the same package. Combined with the low weight of just 600kg it offers quick acceleration and a top speed exceeding 200 kph. The vehicle is suited for racing schools for trainings, for unique driving experiences and to support E-racing events.

Electric Powertrain                             
EP2-R with 120kW  
 15kWh - 666V 
 Vehicle weight
 600 kg
 0 to 100 km/h 
 4 s
 Top speed 
 > 200 km/h