03 Nov 2019
03 Nov 2019

Geely recognizes Punch Powertrain with ‘Suppliers Quality Excellence Award’

As of 2019 Geely has introduced a new quality tracking and improvement program with all its suppliers, within the framework of their “3A quality standard”.  The 3A quality standard is based on the MSA (Manufacture Site Assessment) by Ford and is further tailored to the local requirements and practices.

The 3A evaluates suppliers’ capabilities in R&D, manufacturing and quality control. Based on the 3A assessment, opportunities for improvements have been identified and various departments proposed plans for their realization.

Geely has closely monitored the process on a monthly basis. Based on Punch Powertrain’s realizations, the company was selected among top performers and was invited to present its case, together with over 100 other suppliers. The presentation was reviewed and challenged by a multi-disciplinary expert panel during the competition day on November 6th, 2019.

The jury recognized the consistent quality efforts of the team and its ability to successfully lead change across departments and awarded Punch Powertrain with 3rd place in “2019 Suppliers Quality Improvement” Project. In this award Punch Powertrain sees a confirmation and further motivation for its drive to quality excellence in the future.