The Electric Powertrain (EP1) from Punch Powertrain is a complete drive system for electric vehicles that was developed on the basis of a Permanent Magnet Motor. This was the first powertrain in Punch Powertrain’s EV drives portfolio.

Lighter, smaller, quieter

Integrating the Electric Motor and the single speed transmission into an integrated powertrain renders it substantially smaller and lighter. Moreover, extensive adaptations to its housing give the system more rigidity and improve its acoustic performance.

Fewer parts

The efforts of our engineers have made it possible to significantly reduce the number of parts necessary for an electrical powertrain. Together with the suppression of the torque element between the motor and the transmission, this results in a compact ensemble with minimal wear.

Dynamic driving behavior

In the test vehicles the EP1 demonstrated its possibilities for dynamic driving behavior and high power output. The electric motor achieves a 90kW power (46kW continuous) output and a wheel torque of 2600Nm. Maximum speed depends on the vehicle’s characteristics including wheel size and ranges between 130 and 170 km/h.

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Technical Specifications