Switch Reluctance Motors (SRM) are a more budget-friendly alternative to the standard Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM). In addition, they also give the powertrain a significantly greener footprint, as SRMs don’t use permanent magnets.
The extraction of the materials for these magnets is both labor-intensive and has a profoundly negative impact on our environment. Moreover, being independent of this rare raw material, SRM technology is not subject to its potential price fluctuations on the market.

Strong and inexpensive alternative

The sound of SR motors is generally experienced as disturbing, while reducing it is often coupled with a loss of engine efficiency. Thanks to the optimized CAE design and the new algorithms that smooth out the torque ripple, Punch Powertrain´s Switch Reluctance motor is very quiet, reaches high speeds and generates a high power output of 120 kW. This motor is therefore a performance oriented, future-proof and an inexpensive alternative to the often-chosen technologies in electric powertrains.

All-in-one package

The high speed Switched Reluctance Motor is tightly packaged together with an integrated single speed gearbox and embedded power electronics and controls. The powertrain forms an integral design in which all subsystems are efficiently combined to minimize packaging and cost. The powertrain was tested extensively showing high power density and efficiency. 

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Technical Specifications