Punch Powertrain’s Dual Clutch Transmissions are developed for a wide range of passenger car applications. The DT1 is available for torque ranges between 120 and 180Nm and a number of gears ranging between 5, 6 and 7. The higher torque DT2 is available as 250 and 350 Nm variant and gear ratios between 6 and 7. These innovative automatics are based on a new and patented dual clutch principle and combines high efficiency with compactness. 

Flexible 48V system

The DT2 is a hybrid transmission for both a medium hybrid (48V) and a plug-in hybrid (HV) electric motor in a P2 configuration. To enable all driving and engine restart modes, the transmission has 3 clutches. It realizes up to 10% of CO2 reduction and achieves excellent driving comfort and performance features. DT2 MHEV represents a flexible, integrated and low cost hybrid system with up to 20kW of electrification.

Highly performant PHEV

Depending on the size of the (>300V) battery pack, the hybrid plug-in variant of DT2 is capable of powering the vehicle purely electrically for sustained periods. The electric motor is available up to 88kW in a P2 configuration.

The fully electric actuation system of the DT2 enables it to be on-demand actionable in all driving modes. Next to the excellent and high performance driving features of the DT2 PHEV, cycle fuel consumption can go as low as 1.5L/100km.

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Technical Specifications