VT6 48V

VT6 48V

The VT6 48V CVT is designed as a mild hybrid successor of the successful VT3. This state-of-the art integrated hybrid system combines excellent driving characteristics in a compact package and fuel savings up to 17% (NEDC).

Electric driving with CVT

The 20kW+ 48V electric machine is radially embedded in the transmission by a P2 configuration. In this system, the engine can be decoupled using an integrated multi plate dry clutch. The system delivers remarkable performance for low speed electric driving, thanks to the continuous shifting capabilities of the CVT, while the ICE is at complete standstill.

New generation CVT Technology

The VT6 48V mild hybrid is based on state-of-the art CVT technology with a ratio coverage of 6.5 and an input torque of 250Nm. It uses a latest generation high efficient push belt, as well as a dual pump system for enabling the hybrid functionalities as well as improved hydraulic efficiency. Hybrid controls are integrated in the TCU.   

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Technical Specifications

VT6 48V