SiC Inverter

SiC Inverter

By acquiring inverter specialist APOJEE in France, Punch Powertrain has gained extensive expertise in this field, enabling the company to develop and integrate inverters fully in-house. Our technologies are characterized by high efficiency, compactness and a top level performance and can be found in world leading e-motorsports applications.

High Power Drive Inverter (HPDI)

HDPI is fully silicon carbide power inverter, which is able to drive a high speed E-machine. In contrast to the conventional IGBT-based inverter, the HPDI can support speeds above 100.000 rpm.


Depending on the application – e.g. motorsport – the HPDI can reach a density of 30 kW/l, which is two times more compact than a classic silicon-based inverter.
It is therefore ideally suited for integration into a powertrain architecture, even in case of severe space constraints.  


The use of SiC technology allows the HPDI to reach an efficiency of 97.5% at 750V nominal voltage, which is a much higher efficiency than the conventional silicon-based architecture

High-switching frequency

The silicon carbide-based power modules allow a switching frequency up to 60 kHz, enabling control of very high speed electric motors (up to 120.000 rpm), as well as improved dynamic behavior.

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SiC Inverter