Punch Powertrain´s Dual Clutch Transmission (DT1) was specifically developed for the segment of compact cars. This efficient and compact 7-speed automatic gearbox is more cost-effective than any other transmission including existing DCTs, while at the same time offering excellent driving comfort, efficiency and a wide ratio coverage. 

Sophisticated design

The unique and innovative DCT “DT1” is based on a sophisticated design that is patented by Punch Powertrain: by adopting a new kind of planetary clutch pack, it can shift seamlessly between 7 forward gears while using only 4 gear pairs. Using only one side shaft, allows for a lighter, more compact product, while offering a significant cost reduction.

Favorable consumption 

Punch Powertrain's DT1 dual clutch transmission is intended for cars with a limited torque up to 190 Nm. The large ratio first gear (1:18) is optimized for this purpose, resulting in smooth accelerations in any circumstance and strong performances on inclines. The DT1 additionally delivers a favorable consumption, thanks to the large ratio coverage of up to 8.

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Technical Specifications