DCT Reinvented

DCT Reinvented

Punch Powertrain’s Dual Clutch Transmissions are fundamentally different from the traditional DCTs on the market. Starting from the DCT rationale, we have redesigned the concept in order to meet demand of a transmission in the price range of an automatic manual transmission, while performing at the level of a dual clutch transmission.

Redefining industry standards

Punch Powertrain created a new way of realizing the dual clutch principle, by linking a planetary gear set to one of the clutches, which resulted in a mechanical “pre-reduction” in front of the existing ratios in the gearbox. By doing so Punch Powertrain developed a gearbox which, as opposed to other gearboxes (automatic transmissions or classic dual clutch systems) does not use single ratio per gear but rather makes each gear available for 2 distinct ratios.

Lightweight and compact

This innovation enables a drastic reduction in the number of internal parts, which results in a very compact, lightweight transmission, with drivability level equal to that of a regular DCT.

Technical details - download whitepaper

Would you like more in depth information? You can download the whitepaper by clicking “Technical specifications” below. This whitepaper describes the requirements, which were taken into account for the design; the particularities of the design concept and benchmarks the technology against alternatives. 

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Technical Specifications

DCT Reinvented