EVs are a perfect addition to the product portfolio of car makers and help them to comply with CO2 emission standards (Europe) or NEV mandate targets (China). The challenging characteristics of EVs, such as driving range, cost and charging times are quickly improving. At vehicle level, these improvements are driven by efficiency and energy density - characteristics which stand much to gain from a highly efficient integrated electric propulsion system.

EV Transmissions

Punch Powertrain designs and manufactures both integrated electric propulsion systems and dedicated single speed transmission units. Our EV solutions have a power range between 50 and 250kW and can be applied in passengers vehicles, light commercial vehicles and people movers.

Inverter Technology

Punch Powertrain is an expert in the field of inverters, which are developed and integrated fully in-house. Our technologies are characterized by high efficiency, compactness and a top level performance and can be found in world leading e-motorsports applications.

Integrated Electric Propulsion

Punch Powertrain’s electric propulsion (EP) systems are designed with full integration philosophy. Electric motor, inverter and gearset are merged into a single integrated 3-in-1 drive system with excellent NVH, efficiency and cost properties.