The increasingly strict emission laws call for a wide range of solutions and have also boosted the demand for integrated electric powertrains. Just as with other Punch Powertrain transmission and powertrain products, high efficiency comes first here as well.


For the development of the proprietary electric motor, Punch Powertrain made an environmentally-aware choice for Switch Reluctance Motor technology (SRM). Switched Reluctance does not require rare-earth permanent magnets and serves as the basis for a complete powertrain including transmission - the EP2.

TwinMotor & TwinSpeed

With such SRM, Punch Powertrain also designed a “TwinMotor” concept that enables individually driven wheels, while still using a single powertrain block. If two of such TwinMotor powertrains are used front and rear, a true electric 4WD concept emerges.

Finally, the TwinSpeed is a gearbox for Electric Vehicles (EVs) that enables even better performance while at the same time extending the driving range.